A Heartwarming
House in The old town
Rich Lanna House is a boutique hotel decorated in a Lanna -Colonial style. All 14 rooms provide teakwood furniture and fittings,and facilities include television and WiFi. The peaceful and cozy atmosphere will automatically make you feel at home. You can exercise in the swimming pool and relax in the Rich Coffee Shop where soothing coffee and mouth-watering coconut cakes are served.
Chiang Mai is an ancient city and regarded as a center of arts and culture, and there are many ancient Buddhist temples and historical sites. Located on Sri Phum Road, Rich Lanna House is just a short walk to famous Buddhist temples such as Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in the city and the site where King Mangrai, who founded the city of Chiang Mai, resided. Rich Lanna House is also close to many of the city's tourist attractions. You can walk around the walls and moat of the Old City, take in the northern Thai culture, and every Sunday evening you can shop for bargains at the Walking Street Market on Ratchadamnoen Road.
After a day visiting so many tourist attractions, Rich Lanna House offers a swimming pool for your relaxation. Moreover, Rich Lanna House is close to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, both of which are recognized internationally. Come and experience the rich hospitality of Rich Lanna House.
All in all, there are many things to see in the exotic city of
Chiang Mai and you can start from the old city